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Alison Maddocks 7 July 2020
Alison Maddocks, Stewardship Officer in the Diocese of Worcester, reflects on the discovery that most British people really value authenticity and generosity.
Duration: 2:18
Date Recorded: 07/07/2020

Bishop Martin 3 July 2020
Due to the postponement of the ordinations, this week our new deacons were licensed to their parishes as Lay Ministers. In today's video, Bishop Martin names each of the candidates and encourages everyone to keep them in their prayers. It is hoped that the ordinations will now happen on 26/27 September.
Duration: 1:58
Date Recorded: 07/03/2020

Who is God?
Filmed back just before Christmas, we interviewed pupils from Rushwick CE Primary School. In this lovely video they talk about their thoughts of God, Jesus, heaven and the importance of prayer.
Duration: 6:23
Date Recorded: 07/01/2020

Bishop John 30 June 2020
Bishop John talks about the slow path of re-opening our churches, and how pleased he is to be able to be inside the cathedral a place where "prayer has been valid" (T. S. Eliot)
Duration: 1min 44secs
Date Recorded: 06/30/2020

Robert Jones 26 June 2020
The Archdeacon of Worcester reflects on what a strange title he's got, as he celebrates 40 years since he was ordained a deacon, and how important it is to imitate Jesus' pattern of loving service.
Duration: 2:16
Date Recorded: 06/26/2020

Peter Atkinson 23 June 2020
As we approach what would usually be the season of ordinations, the Dean reflects on his own ministry over the last 40 years.
Duration: 2:15
Date Recorded: 06/23/2020

Bishop John 19 June 2020
Talking from inside the Diocesan Office, Bishop John reflects on the easing of lockdown and how it affects us, as individuals, our churches and society as a whole.
Duration: 2:00
Date Recorded: 06/19/2020

Bishop Martin 16 June 2020
Bishop Martin reflects on the easing of lockdown.
Duration: 01:51
Date Recorded: 06/16/2020

A video reflection from the Director of Education
Margaret James, Diocesan Director of Education, invites you to imagine what school is like for those returning to it at the moment.
Duration: 2:18
Date Recorded: 06/12/2020

A video reflection from Archdeacon Robert
Robert Jones reflects on the value and dignity of human life – everyone's life equally, and how lockdown has helped us learn that.
Duration: 2:17
Date Recorded: 06/09/2020