A selection of online training

This page offers a selection of online training we've heard about. Being listed on this page is not necessarily either an endorsement or recommendation, but any of these may offer you exactly what you're looking for. Some training is free, and some requires payment. Training opportunities are listed in descending date order i.e. those at the top are furthest ahead in the future.

Four Weddings, A Funeral and A Christening

“Four Weddings, A Funeral and A Christening”: an on-line workshop for preachers to explore how we can share the Gospel through preaching at weddings, baptisms and funerals.

Although how we minister has had to change in recent months due to the pandemic, funerals are still taking place, in some areas, sadly many more than previously. In time, weddings and baptisms will again be held. This workshop will look at how we can use these events to share the good news and hope of the Gospel.

This workshop will be led by the Revd Dr Duncan MacPherson, Permanent Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church, author and former lecturer in Theology.

Date & Venue: Thursday 11 June 2020, 11am to 1.30pm,via Zoom.

This on-line workshop is being offered free of charge.

Please visit Eventbrite to book a place on this workshop.

Webinar: Leadership in the time of Covid-19

In this webinar session we will look at how the present situation might be challenging our leadership models. As we move to another phase in the lockdown strategy how might this impact how we operate as missional leaders. Dave Male will be interviewing four leaders to find out what is happening in this new leadership space. They will include Prof Andrew Parker, a leadership consultant, Revd Dana Delap a Vicar in rural Gloucestershire and a special guest from America.

This webinar is part of a series of webinars hosted by the National Evangelism & Discipleship Team

Time: 4 June, 2pm

To book for this webinar, go here

Webinar: How to equip people to live missionally in the Covid pandemic

Help your church make the most of the evangelistic opportunities lockdown has brought. In our communities something significant is happening. More are praying. More are ‘visiting’ church through streamed services. More are open to a loving Christian approach. This webinar on Zoom explores simple ways to help ‘ordinary’ church members respond. And how leaders can help them do so. After initial input there is opportunity for discussion and feedback in small groups.


Michael Harvey - the initiator of Back to Church Sunday and the National Weekend of Invitation, author of Creating a Culture of Invitation in Your Church and a leading thinker on equipping people to be witnesses for Jesus Christ.

John McGinley - author of Mission Shaped Living and Director of Church Planting Development for New Wine. 

Time: Monday 1 June at 2pm or Tuesday 2 June at 10am

To join select your date and email your intention to Janet MacIntyre at janet@weekendofinvitation.com. Use this link to join on 1 June and this link to join on 2 June. 

Webinar: On-line Worship

Christian worship is about gathering together, in holy spaces and at special times. How is it possible to bring worship on-line? Our speakers will help us think this through, practically and theologically. This will stay relevant even after the lock-down, as we seek to minister to the house-bound.


Grant Bayliss. Grant is Canon Precentor at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford. He was previously Worship Tutor at Ripon College, Cuddesdon. He has organised striking and powerful on-line worship, including the national, on-line Easter Saturday vigil, Rumours of Hope. He brings both years of study of the history and theology of worship and a passion for bringing it on-line.

Simon Rundell. Simon is a Parish priest, blogger, speaker and writer. He is passionate about the sacramental life of the church and the use of digital technology in worship.

Heidi A Campbell. Heidi is Professor of Communication, affiliate faculty in Religious Studies, and a Presidential Impact Fellow at Texas A&M University. She is also director of the Network for New Media, Religion and Digital Culture Studies. Her research focuses on intersections between technology, religion and digital culture, with emphasis on Jewish, Muslim & Christian negotiations with digital media.

Time: 1 June, 3:00-4:15pm.

To book for this webinar, go here.

Webinar: On-line Pastoral Care and Church Life

How do we pastor the flock of God when we can’t physically meet them? How do we love and care for God’s people when we’re separated? These questions are pressing in the lock-down, but they will stay relevant long after that. Our two guest speakers were active in on-line ministry long before the lock-down!


Ros Clarke. Ros is an Old Testament scholar and pastor, involved in on-line ministry, discipleship and theological education. She was formerly full-time Online Pastor in Lichfield Diocese and currently heads up the Priscilla Programme, which provides on-line theological education specifically to women.

Tanya Marlow. Tanya is a writer, speaker and blogger. She worked for many years in ministry and theological education, but chronic illness now means her ministry sphere has moved on-line, where she provides rich and thought-provoking content, particularly related to disability and suffering.

Time: 28 May, 3:00-4:15pm.

To book for this webinar, go here.

Webinar: Culture after the Virus: Anticipating our new context

Culture after the Virus: anticipating our new context. Whatever lies beyond the pandemic, it will be different from what has gone before. Effective mission in the new normal begins with thinking about what our new cultural context might look like. This webinar will help us to reflect and learn together. With input from the Rt. Revd. Simon Burton-Jones, Bishop of Tonbridge, and hosted by the Revd. Dr. Stephen Hance, National Lead for Evangelism and Witness

This webinar is part of a series offered by the National Evangelism and Discipleship Team.

Time: 28 May, 2pm

To book for this webinar, go here

Life Events Diary training

The public impact of the Corona virus that we are facing is far and wide. In light of the current government directives for the COVID-19 virus, the Life Events team are now running some Life Event Diary Live Webinars in place of Diocese Taster Events.

This 60 minutes webinar, enables you and your team to give a short amount of time to dedicated learning from the comfort of your home or office. We will demo the full benefits of using the Life Events Diary with the opportunity for Q&A.

The LED is built upon the iKnow Church Management platform, The Church of England recommended product.

Times: the next dates this webinar will run are
Tuesdays 26th May, 3rd June and 17th June, all at 2.30pm.

To register for a place, sign up here.

Panel Discussion: the Wonders of Church Wall Paintings

Join the team Bats in Churches for an online panel discussion. Our panel will explore the imagery of wall paintings, some of the most famous examples, why they were lost after the Reformation, and how they were eventually uncovered and conserved. We will also discuss how we are working with some churches in our project to protect their medieval wall paintings.

When and where: 27th May, 1.00pm, on Zoom.

To register for this Zoom panel discussion click here.

For further events organised by Bats in Churches, see this site.

Webinar: Using Technology to Support Funeral Ministry

This very practical webinar will explore some of the ways that you can create a simple online service on the day of a funeral for those who can’t attend in person. We’ll discuss services that can be pre-prepared and delivered from your home, making this a way to extend hope and comfort to the bereaved, whatever your level of confidence with technology.

Time: 22 May, 11am

To book for this webinar, go here.


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