The Climate Change Challenge

There is a broad scientific and political consensus that average global temperatures will continue to rise this century but, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the increases could be limited to a more manageable level. Climate change poses significant challenges - for the Church, for the international community but particularly for people in developing countries. Environmental degradation, particularly in the marine environment, and resource depletion also pose global challenges that will have to be faced soon if God's creation is to be safeguarded.

One of the major steps has to be cutting the Church's greenhouse gas emissions in line with national targets - 80% reduction between 2005 and 2050.

A prophetic and visionary role

This diocesan strategy recognises the Church can have a prophetic and visionary role in a society that has to find ways to mitigate against environmental degradation and climate change or adapt to it. The challenges we face require a response from everyone. Lifestyle change coupled with community involvement could turn the Church and its members into agents of change and transformation.