Open Conversations about the future of our church

Compilation of images from the Open conversations

As we seek to grow as healthy and sustainable churches, our Open Conversations are a chance to come together to talk about the future of our Church, listening to and learning from each other.   

Growing as Kingdom People: Open Conversations 3

Picture of a road representing the journey ahead.Our third round of Open Conversations took place in March 2022 to inspire, support and resource parishes as we journey into the future. They were an opportunity to hear some good news stories from churches across the Diocese and explore what might be the next steps. 

Feedback from the third round of Open Conversations included: 

  • "Really good to hear ‘not one size fits all’"
  • "Lots of stories, lots of ideas, lots of generosity and lots of love"
  • "Hearing stories from across the diocese has inspired hope"
  • "The support being offered to help us move forward - especially the Mission Accompaniers"
  • "Seeing how our church can develop"
  • "Ideas for doing things differently"

Information from previous Open Conversations

Thank you to everyone who joined our second set of Open Conversations in September 2020 looking at how we can effectively resource a healthy and sustainable Church into the future. 

The conversations were a chance to hear more about the strategy for mission and ministry across the Diocese and think about how it might impact on your own church. Only by working together can we ensure that we can grow as Kingdom People and as a healthy and sustainable church - worshipping God creatively, making disciples, sharing hope and transforming communities. 

Don't worry if you weren't able to make one of the meeitngs - all the resources from the meetings can be found below and we will shortly be adding in all the videos that were used as well as shorter form of the meeting which you can watch and share with others. 

Other resources

Feedback from the open conversations Dec 19 - Feb 20

Nine different sessions were held in different venues throughout the Diocese in December 2019 to February 2020. Thank you to everyone who came to the open conversations and filled out the feedback sheet. 

Read a summary of the feedback. If you'd like a hard copy, please do feel free to contact the diocesan office.

Download the booklet given out at the open conversations.

Open Conversations 2: Videos and case studies

Case studies and videos produced for the second round of Open Conversations.

Open Conversations 3: Videos and case studies

Case studies and videos produced for the third round of Open Conversations.

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