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Seaons of My Soul

Work focusing on the lifelong learning and discipleship of older people has been undertaken jointly by the Church of England and the Methodist Church over the last few years. This has now resulted in a new publication, Seasons of My Soul: Conversations in the second half of life. This is a resource designed for groups to engage, in the context of Christian faith, with themes that have particular significance in the second half of life. 

All too often people in the church have a ‘default button’ when they think about older people and concentrate on issues relating to more dependent elderly people (such as pastoral care). Practitioners in both churches have commented on the shortage of resources for groups of older people which would offer an opportunity to enable people to think and talk about their faith as related to their current experiences and 'Give permission to tell truth about challenges'.

Seasons of My Soul includes plenty of material so that groups have a choice of resources - worship / Bible study / discussion topics / reflection on poetry etc. It can be used flexibly in different group contexts and individually for further reflection. The book is attractively produced (several people have said it looks as if it costs more than £8.99).