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  • Summary of Diocesan Synod - November 2018

    A Summary of the business discussed at the Diocesan Synod held at Ipsley Church in November 2018.

  • Faculty Jurisdiction Rules

    Date of publicaiton: March 2016

  • Diocesan Synod Summary November 2015
    • 25 February 2016

    A summary of Diocesan Synod. Thursday 19 November 2015, St. Peter’s Church, Ipsley

  • Parish Share - Towards a fairer share
    • 22 May 2015

    This is a printed leaflet of Frequently Asked Questions. More information.

  • ​All Together as Kingdom People

    On Saturday 28 September, people from across the Diocese will come together for All Together as Kingdom People - a day to be inspired, encouraged and equipped to grow as Kingdom People.This year we will ...

  • ​Education Sunday

    There are 100 Church of England schools in the Diocese, educating approximately 22,500 children and young people across Dudley and Worcestershire. All schools ensure they offer a curriculum that is rich, broad, deep and engaging, ...

  • Ride and stride logo
    ​Ride and Stride

    Annually, on the second Saturday in September, cyclists, pedestrians, horse riders and motorists descend on Britain’s roads and footpaths to take part in the sponsored Ride & Stride event, fundraising for their local County Churches ...

  • Letter from the Dean of Worcester

    Using social media responsiblySocial media have become a way of life for many people. And like any way of life, social media are an opportunity and a danger. Social media can do good and can ...

  • Wordsley, Holy Trinity
    • 2 August 2019

    Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015Wordsley, Holy TrinityAn application has been made to the Worcester Consistory Court for a faculty to authorise the installation of an accessible toilet and kitchenette in the north west corner of the ...

  • Overbury, St Faith
    • 23 July 2019

    Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015Overbury, St FaithAn application has been made to the Worcester Consistory Court for a faculty to authorise the upgrading of the lighting Copies of the relevant documents may be inspected at the ...

  • Cookhill, St Paul
    • 12 July 2019

    Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015Cookhill, St PaulAn application has been made to the Worcester Consistory Court for a faculty to authorise the existing overhead service to the Church is to be removed and replaced with an ...

  • Letter from Archdeacon of Worcester

    View from the trainI am writing this travelling on a train back from the Kirchentag church convention in Germany. The Kirchentag meets every other year in a different city in Germany and has done so ...

  • Mission-Shaped Ministry

    Mission-Shaped Ministry is a part-time ecumenical course about how to start and sustain Fresh Expressions of church. Next month, this nationally recognised course will begin in two venues in the Diocese - Cradley Heath in ...

  • ​Rachel Matthews, Premier Christian Radio Central England

    Rachel Matthews is Premier Christian Radio's Central England correspondent and loves meeting people from across the area with a shared love for God and having the opportunity to share their stories.Rachel's background includes researching and ...

  • Upton-on-Severn: St Peter & St Paul
    • 18 June 2019

    Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015Upton-on-Severn: St Peter & St PaulAn application has been made to the Worcester Consistory Court for a faculty to authorise the removal and disposal of raised daises and unused choir platformCopies of ...

  • Preparing Good PowerPoints

    Ministry by good administration with Doug Chaplin

  • Archdeacons
  • Letter from the Bishop of Worcester

    All Together as Kingdom PeopleSaturday 28 September, Worcester CathedralIt is now over five years since our Kingdom People Vision was unanimously and enthusiastically adopted by Diocesan Synod in 2013. The Church is God’s gift to ...

  • Parish Policies, APCM Business and Induction of Trustees

    Ministry by good administration

  • ​Summer Pilgrimages

    July marks the start of the school summer holidays for many people, the origins of which have long been the subject of myth. The word ‘holiday’ is derived from ‘holy day’, of which there are ...