This is a practical evening for families of all ages to come together, eat together and share ideas.

When it comes to growing in faith, the whole family is important. Grandparents, god parents, aunties and uncles, mums and dads; we are all important to children and young people. Scripture encourages us to share in our faith journey together with our family (e.g. Deuteronomy 6:7), for the benefit of all. In practice, surveys suggest that many Christian parents struggle to know how to talk about faith with children and young people, or don’t see this as their role. 

The purpose of this evening is to tackle some of the challenges of this vital subject, and inspire us to explore practical possibilities – even if we currently feel we don’t know where to start, or that we could never do something like that. 

This is a practical evening for families of all ages to come together. A light meal will be provided as part of the session. Within it we will: 

• Eat together.
• Be candid about why family faith can seem challenging.
• Explore different ways we can share our faith together.
• Explore activities to do across the generations.
• Share ideas and try them out. 

This evening will be led by Emma Pettifer (Children’s Officer) and Simon Hill, Diocesan Youth Officer. 

To book, email or telephone 01905 732823.