Revisiting our pastoral theology and practice

Who is it for?
For all clergy, LLMs and ALMs, especially funeral ministers and those involved in bereavement support.

Last year’s ‘Taking Funerals Seriously’ consultation with clergy and lay funeral ministers brought forth many requests for fresh training on our approach towards the theology of death, the experience of bereavement and our care of funeral families in their mourning. So we are planning a day conference in two parts:

Theology and Practice.

Morning Session: ‘Faith, Hope and Reality: Re-imaging our theology and practice.’
Deacon Eunice Attwood, Pastoral Tutor at the Queen’s Foundation in Birmingham, will help us to reflect on the apparent dissonance between ‘popular theology’ and the Church’s traditional teaching around death and bereavement, and to consider ways in which we might meet people where they are and build upon their beginnings of faith.

Afternoon Session: ‘With you every step of the way’ (CofE Funerals website headline)
A panel of speakers engaged in bereavement support in various contexts will help us to consider the aims of our post-funeral pastoral care and how we might take steps to provide this as part of our Church community outreach and inclusion.

We intend that the day will be flexible enough for plenty of discussion and questions.

We invite participants to bring a packed lunch (or nip out to the shops for one). Drinks will be provided through the day.

If you have any questions at this stage – or would like to offer a contribution to the afternoon session from your own perspective or experience, please contact: The Revd Canon Nick Wright, 01386 443310,

To book your place on this course, please visit: