Section E. Support for PCCs and churchwardens

E1. Parish Share

Each year the diocesan budget pays for the shared costs of mission and ministry across all the parishes of the diocese, and puts the diocesan Kingdom People vision into practice for the fruitful service of church, community and world. We do this through a common fund; each parish pays a share into that common fund, which we call parish share.

What’s the purpose of parish share and what does it pay for?  

In November 2014, the Diocesan Synod (made up of representatives from each deanery) voted by a large majority to implement a new approach to allocating parish share across the diocese, believing it to be a fairer system. This approach is based on a confidential (and anonymised) income survey of active church members, which seeks to understand and recognise the potential for giving in each parish. This survey was carried out for the first time in 2015 and is being re-run in 2018. The information then forms the basis of the parish share request enabling it to be based on the potential for giving revealed by the survey.

Fairer Share Survey

Between April 2018 and the end of June, churches across the Diocese are conducting the Confidential income Survey. Churchwardens and Treasurers have been briefed on the process. All of the documents required can be downloaded below. If you are new to the process you might find the video used to introduce Fairer Share in 2015 helpful. For any further help please contact the Stewardship Officer,  Alison Maddocks 07930 853433.

Fairer Share Survey Attachments

Fairer Share Process Map

March 2018