Resources for Parishes 

Parish Safeguarding Officers are nominated by the PCC to work alongside them and the incumbent to advise within the Parish on all safeguarding matters. In most cases they will also be the verifier for DBS checks although this role can be taken on separately. 

Links to role descriptions for Parish Safeguarding Officer and DBS Verifier are here: 


DBS Verifier

Sample Role Descriptions

These example role descriptions, sourced from various places and formatted into the CofE style, are designed to provide you with a suitable template and format to create role descriptions for your own parish. We would ask you to carefully describe the relevant duties, adding/amending as necessary to match the description to the individual role that is carried out in your local context.

NB: If a sample role description is missing and you have a version please share it with us so that we can make it available to others!

For any further support with this please contact either Assistant DSA Delia Stokes or DBS Administrator Liz Toone.

What should a safeguarding notice board display in your parish premises?

A copy of the parish policy signed within the last year with the relevant contact details on. Download policy template

An A3 policy poster is available in the Parish Handbook. An editable version of this poster with the Diocese of Worcester information pre-filled can be downloaded here

A ChildLine poster should be displayed in all premises where children’s and youth groups regularly meet. Download poster

You may also wish to display this poster ‘What to do if…’ with advice and contact details for responding to safeguarding concerns. Download poster