Section G. Communications

G5. Parish magazines

Parish magazines

Parish magazines are a great way for churches to reach out to their local communities. Many churches deliver them through doors across their parishes as a way of promoting events, spreading the Good News and showing that the Church is alive and thriving! 

There are some useful tips to follow when producing a parish magazine:

  • Keep it simple and avoid all jargon (check out any 'churchy' words with someone who isn't a regular churchgoer)
  • Make it as professional as possible (it could be the first impression people have of your church)..
  • Think about images as well as the words.
  • Talk to other nearby parishes who have magazines to find out what works well for them.

A monthly email is sent out with articles and ideas for your parish magazine. If you'd like to sign up for this or would like any more information about putting together a parish magazine, contact Sam Setchell in the Communications Team.

Or have a look for the latest articles we're recommending by following this link.

August 2014