Section G. Communications

G3. Working with your local media

Local newspapers

There's a real opportunity for churches to build great relationships with their local newspapers and radio stations so don't forget to tell them what you're doing. 

Local papers love good news community stories with a human interest angle and those kind of stories are happening in churches across the Diocese every week! 

If you've got something happening, give your local paper a call in advance, or take photos of your event and send it to them with a report afterwards.

Below are links to the contact details of the main newspaper outlets throughout the Diocese as well as some tips on writing press releases. If you'd like any more help, please do contact Sam Setchell in Communications.

Tips for press release writing:

Make sure it’s really new and relevant
  • Tailor the release for local press 
  • Ensure that when, what and why is high in the release 
  • Link to current issues 
Make sure the key point is up front
  • No point in setting the scene – do that at the end. 
  • Most important point in 1st line, not 1st paragraph 
  • Essential to say what this story actually means for the reader: think about how you would explain it to someone if you were talking to them 
  • Avoid jargon 
Will it grab attention? 
  • The title/ headline is important 
  • The paper needs to see ‘at a glance’ what the story is 
  • Always remember that you will be competing with others 
  • Keep it as concise as possible 
  • Think about the photo opportunity 
Use examples and realistic quotes 
  • Short, colloquial quotes are more likely to be printed. 
  • Use examples, so the reader can identify with what you’re telling them Consistency 
  • Corporate style – enables journalists to recognise your press release 
  • Build up contacts with the press – talk to them about what works well/ tell them what’s happening
  • Provide a clear point of contact in the press release.