Going for Growth in the Parishes

Why Going for Growth?


In February 2010 the General Synod of the Church of England welcomed the strategy document from the Board of Education entitled Going for Growth: Transformation for children, young people and the Church. In November 2010 the Worcester Diocesan Synod commended the DCYE's commitment to this vision. These sheets are designed to bring that strategy into our work in the Diocese of Worcester and encourage churches to work towards the three commitments which were set out in that document.

Calls to Action and how the Diocese is responding

The Church, at national, diocesan and parochial level, is called

  • to work towards every child and young person having a life-enhancing encounter with the Christian faith and the person of Jesus Christ.

JC Today• Breathe• Open the Book• Messy Church• Godly Play • Holland House
Uni/FE & school chaplaincies• Rock the Cathedral• equipping all age worship • Creative Prayer • Prayer Spaces in schools • our schools being distinctly Christian

  • to transformation both in the church and the world, and to recognise and enable the capacity of children and young people to be the agents of change both for themselves and for others.

Children's conference• Children's and Youth Council• Listening to the voice of the learner
(and forthcoming Listening to the voice of children, Listening to the voice of young people) Young People and the PCC guide from the Church of England Youth Council

  • to provide professional support and development for all those working with children and young people in the name of the Church, so that they might demonstrate the highest qualities in their practice and personal life.

Authorised Lay Ministry Children's & Youth specialism • We Love our Youthworker • Resources
• Network of employed workers • Child Protection Training • The Key • Spring Into
FE & HE chaplaincy network• Worcester Spirit Mark• Schools/governor training

Questions for your parish

  • What is the parish already doing towards these calls to action?
  • Where should the parish build further on our work towards these calls to action?
  • Where should the parish build new work towards these calls to action?

Guidance for Children's Work in Parishes

Guidance for Youth Work in Parishes