Journey with us to COP26

The journey from now to the COP26 conference is an unmissable opportunity for sharing ideas, reflections, challenges and commitments. Join us so we can encourage and support each other through: 

  • sharing worship and reflections,

  • taking action to cut carbon,

  • encouraging others to engage with nature,

  • examples of improving biodiversity,

  • opportunities for national campaigning,

  • news of local events,

  • sharing concerns and hopes

Share your story and link with others through the Journey with us Facebook page and commit to walking the number of miles from your home to Glasgow before November. 

Joining the journey will help bridge the gap between aspiration and action as we can encourage each other and share valuable insights and learning.

As part of this journey, churches are being encouraged to hold their own climate focussed service before 5 September which will be a national Climate Sunday and call for greater commitment to act on environmental issues. Have a look at the resources and support available.


As you start your journey: 

  • Set your own target - walk or cycle in your locality, the equivalent number of miles (about 310) or maybe ask church members to take on a leg of the journey.

  • Take a photo each week, pick up litter, and pray for the places you pass.

  • Share your story with your friends, your church or in the ‘Journey with us: Worcester to COP26’ Facebook group.

  • Learn about environmental steps to take in your life, your community, and your church.

Family walkingLiving God, renew in us your vision of wholeness, that the rich may restore wealth to the poor, and the poor may share blessings with the rich. Revive in us a passion for justice, that the tyranny of economic growth be quelled and the whispers of freedom find voice. Refresh in us our sense of calling that we may follow Christ in serving others and live simply with those who simply live.

Page last updated: 10th June 2021 4:17 PM
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