Eco Churches en route to COP26

Could you help us create a relay between Eco Churches on the route to COP26 in Glasgow?

As we journey towards the Climate Change conference in Glasgow in November, we are encouraging churches to twin up with another Eco Church and help us to complete a relay between Eco Churches from our diocese to Glasgow. 

We have highlighted 17 Eco Churches or Scot's Eco Congregations and mapped the distance between each of them. Any church which has registered to become an Eco Church in our diocese can join in to pick one of the legs to walk locally; contact the Eco Church which they've 'walked to' and look to set up a joint commitment and pray for each other. 

We hope that you will also share your achievements and challenges as well as your hopes for the future, with both your linked Eco Church and with us. The stories will be shared on this page.

How to get involved:

  • Make sure you are registered for Eco Church. Sign up here if you're not already. 
  • Select a distance between two churches and walk/cycle/scoot etc the distance in your area, as a whole or in parts, as individuals or a group.
  • Check with the diocesan Climate Crisis Group that your journey has not already been chosen by another church. Email Sue Adeney
  • Let Sue know once you've completed your miles so that our map can be updated. 
  • Contact the church that you've walked to, to let them know about the project and find out what you can pray for for them. 
  • See if you can find out something about the church e.g. historical interest or an eco project they are undertaking, which can be added to the Diocesan story. 

Once you've made contact with your partner Eco Church, why not arrange to pray or worship together. You could also make a commitment together to be activists for God’s creation, for example by agreeing to contact your local MP, do a litter pick locally or to pray for Leaders at COP26. 

Lord we believe in justice. It is your gift and our struggle. Help us to work for  climate justice in our nation and our world. God of justice - lead us on.

Eco Churches to Glasgow:


 Town Church Miles
Worcester   23 >
Kingswinford St Mary 20 >
Telford St Peter 49>
Macclesfield St Peter 23 >
Warrington St Elphin 8 >
Haydock St Mark 15 >
Bolton Oldham Church  20 >
Hutton St Michael 28 >
Morecombe Priory of St Mary 20 >
Ingleton St Oswald 19 >
Kendal St Thomas  43 >
Alston St Augustine 42 >
Moffatt St John 8 >
Douglas Valley Church

22 >

Blantyre St Andrew 7 >
Glasgow Gorbals Parish Church  
    374 miles

Contacting Eco Churches

Use the A Church Near You website to find contact details for a church. 

When emailing churches, you might like to use text along these lines: 

Dear fellow Eco Church,

As part of our Eco Church journey, and to mark the importance of COP26 in Glasgow, the Diocese of Worcester has suggested that we virtually 'twin up' with another eco church en route to Glasgow. We hope to create a relay of churches from Worcester to Glasgow. 

We at (name of church) have chosen to walk the equivalent distance of a leg of the journey to your location which is xx miles. (more information at: 

We would like to make contact with you to say hello and let you know that we are praying for you. We would love to talk further to see if there might be something we could do in our respective churches to mark both COP26 and our efforts as an Eco Church.

We'd love to hear from you.

Page last updated: 22nd July 2021 9:09 AM
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