Education Committee

Terms of Reference

The Committee is accountable to the Diocesan Board of Education. The Committee may establish task groups who will report to the Committee.


The day to day work of officers, consultants and the Dudley Education Chaplain is supervised by the Director of Education in consultation with the Chair.


The Committee scrutinises and supports work with education in schools, colleges and university; in their partnership working with Dudley and Worcestershire Local Authories; the Learning and Skills Council; Regional Government; other Dioceses, the National Society and the Archbishop's Council.

There will be partnership working with other Diocesan Boards and Departments to fulfil the Mission of the Diocese.


To encourage, support, monitor and evaluate the contribution of the Diocese to education in Dudley and Worcestershire.


  • To provide an educational, moral and theological critique of educational policy and practice.
  • To bring educational, moral and theological insights to bear on policies and provision.
  • To advise the Diocesan Board of Education and other diocesan bodies on all matters related to the education of children and young people.
  • To support and monitor diocesan responsibilities for the section 48 Inspection of church schools.
  • To promote the distinctiveness of the Christian ethos in church schools.
  • To monitor the provision of advice, consultancy and training provided by officers and consultants.
  • To support Voluntary Aided schools in their responsibilities for admissions, buildings and staffing.
  • To support chaplains, staff and students in further and higher education.
  • To promote consultation and partnership with other dioceses. 

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