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Thought for the Week (Archive)

Thought for the Week (Archive)

Easter Bunnies (20/04/2009)

Easter Bunnies

If like me you're a bit of a fan of Dawn French in ‘Vicar of Dibley', you will smile as you recall the Easter edition, when she goes round the parish dressed as the Easter Bunny. Not a practice I commend to clergy! However it is a story line that I remember, that makes me smile and the world seems a better place.

Stories are vital to our lives. We first learn about life from the stories we hear in childhood. Perhaps most significantly we live out a story, the story of our life. You may not think your story is important or interesting, but it is unique. Nobody has lived your story but you. But how do you make sense of your story with all its ups and downs?

I think we only understand our own story by setting it in a larger picture. That larger picture could be in the context of our family or where we live....but it could also make sense, if our story is linked to what has been called ‘the greatest story ever told'. During these weeks after Easter we try to make sense of something that happened which defies all rational explanation...that Jesus was executed and then returned in recognisable form, to those who loved him. What a story!

Story for some people means something made up or invented. The story of our lives, if told honestly, is certainly not a fiction. But when we hear other stories we have to make a choice...is this a fiction, an entertainment....or are we dealing with something which, if true, we cannot ignore, because it is so compelling and possibly life changing.

You may think you know the Resurrection story back to front, but it is often well worth re-reading the gospel accounts. Read or listen until you hear it in a new way. Easter Bunnies might make us chuckle, especially Dawn French shaped, but the real story has the potential to make us understand ourselves possibly for the first time.

Venerable Ron Hesketh

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