John Dentith

Secretary to the Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches

& Secretary to the Diocesan Closed Churches Committee

01905 732809

John Dentith

Main responsibilities

Secretary to / Administrator for the Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC) for the Care of Churches 

The DAC advises parishes and the diocesan authorities on any changes the parishes wish to make to their church buildings, their contents and their churchyards. Parishes apply for Faculties (legal permissions) to carry out those works, and the DAC has a role in assessing and recommending those proposals as part of the Faculty process, as well as in offering advice in the planning stages. 

In my job I act as Secretary to the DAC meetings, and I run the DAC Office which processes the faculties and arranges for specialist advice to be made available to parishes on request.

Secretary to / Administrator for the Diocesan Closed Churches Committee (DCCC)

The DCCC is a sub-committee of the Diocesan Mission, Pastoral and Resources Committee, and as such has a dual role with regard to churches which are no longer required for public worship: With regard to new applications from parishes for closure of a church building, the DCCC has a role in aiding the Church authorities to identify a suitable future use for that building. 

With regard to church buildings which have previously been closed but which are still owned by the diocese and let to tenants, the DCCC has a role in the administration of those buildings.

About me

I came to work for the diocese following a 32 year career in banking, which has no relevance at all to my present job except for teaching me administration skills. I was asked to help out the diocese for 6 – 8 weeks whilst the vacant post of DAC Secretary was advertised; that was in 2001 and I’m still here!

I’m a family man with a long-suffering wife and two grown up children, and a recently inherited dog.

Outside of work, I’m very involved in my local church of St Barnabas Worcester (where I still get to fill in our own faculty applications, serve me right), and particularly interested in theatre and music. If you’re particularly unlucky you might experience me in my hobby as half of a double-act performing Old Time Music Hall comic songs. 

Definitely one to avoid...