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Bishop David becoming Bishop of Manchester: key dates


There are two key dates this year in the process to install Bishop David as the new Bishop of Manchester.

Bishop David

Confirmation of Election 

The Confirmation of Election of Bishop David Walker as Bishop of Manchester will take place on Monday 7 October at 6.30pm at York Minster. All are welcome to attend.

Please let Catrine Ball know if you wish to attend on   or 01905 731599.


The date of Bishop David's Enthronement is expected to be 30 November 2013 (St Andrew's Day) at Manchester Cathedral. More information on this will follow nearer the time. 

What is the Confirmation of Election?

Bishop's Chaplain Revd. Lizzie Shipp explains:

Confirmation of Election is the act by which the election of a new Bishop receives the assent of the proper ecclesiastical authority.

The Crown has granted to the College of Canons of Manchester Cathedral a licence or conge d'elire to proceed to elect a bishop and a letter missive naming the person to be elected.

The fact of the election is communicated to the archbishop, who duly confirms the election by formal legal process.

The appointment of a diocesan bishop is also a matter for the wider Church. Since at least the fourth century it has been a fundamental principle that confirmation of an episcopal election by the metropolitan, (in this case the Archbishop of York) on behalf of the wider Church is necessary.

The act of confirmation is legally very important because it confers upon the bishop the spiritual jurisdiction over the diocese by committing to him ‘the care, government and administration of the spirituals' of the bishopric.

It is, therefore, the confirmation of the election which makes the bishop-elect into the bishop of the diocese.

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