Bishop Graham is leading, in collaboration with the Bishop of Southampton (Diocese of Winchester), a pilgrimage to Taizé for 18-29 year-olds from in & around the Diocese of Worcester.

The dates for the 2018 pilgrimage will be Saturday 14 July, arriving back in the UK on Monday 23 July 2018. We will be travelling by coach with pilgrims from Winchester.

Food and accommodation in tents is simple, with young adults travelling from across Europe and beyond to spend a week on this French hillside. The cost will be approximately £200 per person (the final cost is dependent on the cost of the coach).

If you are interested in joining this pilgrimage and have further questions then please contact Bishop Graham:

Download poster

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If you would like to book, please complete the registration form  and medical form  and return these to Bishop Graham’s office along with a £40 deposit (cheques made payable to Worcester Diocesan Board of Finance).

If you have been influenced by Taizé in the past, and would like to sponsor a young adult to attend in 2018, then donations can be made via Bishop Graham’s office (cheques made payable to Worcester Diocesan Board of Finance). Thank you.

The Bishop of Dudley and the Worcester Diocesan Board of Finance Ltd are receiving registration and medical forms (and any further subsequent information) and deposits /payments on behalf of the Winchester Diocesan Board of Finance Ltd who are the organisers of this pilgrimage to Taizé.

What is Taizé?

The Taizé Community is made up of over a hundred brothers, Catholics and from various Protestant backgrounds, coming from around thirty nations.

The brothers of the community live solely by their work. They do not accept donations. In the same way, they do not accept personal inheritances for themselves; the community gives them to the very poor.

Over the years, young adults have been coming to Taizé in ever greater numbers; they come from every continent to take part in weekly meetings.

This video explains more:

Life at Taizé from Taize on Vimeo.

Why go to Taizé?

From its beginning the community has been inspired by two aims: to live in communion with God through prayer and to be a leaven of peace and trust in the midst of the human family.

A stay at Taizé is an opportunity to seek communion with God in prayer, singing, silence and reflection. It can be possible to rediscover an inner peace, a meaning to life and a new impetus.

Experiencing a simple life shared with others reminds us that daily life is the place where Christ is waiting for us.

Some young people are looking for ways of following Christ with their whole lives. A stay in Taizé can help discern this call.

Meeting hundreds of young people from across Europe and further afield can enrich our understanding of others’ lives and how they read and hear the Gospel.