From Joy Pollock, a member of All Saints in Worcester: 

“As a foster parent, there are two questions I get asked regularly. The first: ‘What made you foster?’ For me the seed was planted hearing someone talk about his experiences as a child being in and out of care. What he said he wanted was a clean home and regular hot meals. It was such a basic need - my house was clean-ish and we had a hot supper every single night. I could meet that need for a child. I then heard about ‘Home for Good’ one year at Spring Harvest. 

Home for Good is a charity with a vision for a home for every child who needs one. In the UK, 4,000 children are waiting for adoption and 9,000 foster families are desperately needed. Home for Good believes that the Church can make a difference. It raises awareness of the need for foster and adoptive parents, encourages families to provide loving homes for children in care, and equips the Church to offer welcoming communities. 

The charity works on the ground with collections of churches who have caught the vision to see vulnerable children’s lives changed. Here in Worcester, there are eight churches currently involved and we want that number to grow. 

The second question I get asked most frequently is how can I give them up? Well, it’s very hard. But, children who have suffered loss, trauma and neglect need me to love them more than I need to protect my own feelings. And the support I have experienced from my church family at times of loss and stress has been such a blessing. Freezer meals, babysitting, chocolate, nappies, clothes and equipment at the start, and cards, flowers and even a spa day at the end of a placement have all characterised Christ’s love to me.” 

Please pray for all those involved in fostering and adoption, particularly the many children whose lives are changed. 

Martley & Worcester West Deanery - Rural Dean: David Sherwin; Lay Chair: John Chidlow 

Diocese of Lusaka (Central Africa): Bishop David Njovu