Social responsibility

Grants and funds

Seed Funding

The principal grant maker which specialises in church and community projects is the Church Urban Fund. Their Together Grants particularly look at supporting partnerships between churches or Christian organisations, and community groups, and encouraging them to work together for the good of the community. The Diocese of Worcester can also make a few small grants available from the Social Responsibility Fund.

There is a brief note on each of these funds below, but for further advice on any of them, please email Mission Development Officer, Doug Chaplin - doug.chaplin@cofe-worcester.org.uk. You can also ring him on 01905 732817.

The Church Urban Fund

The current priority for the Church Urban Fund is tackling poverty. A project doesn't have to be urban, and it doesn't have to be a church project, although the church needs to be supportive of it.

The main current seed-funding work of the CUF is through Together grants. You will find it helpful to consult their PDF handbook, which gives detailed guidance to see if the project you have in mind is eligible.

For some of the parishes in the Black Country with high proportions of residents from minority ethnic groups, there is also the opportunity of applying for support from the Black Country Near Neighbours programme: Transforming Communities Together.

Social Responsibility Fund

The Diocese of Worcester can offer some help with funding for small projects. This will usually be in the nature of seed funding. 

In any one year, the Mission Development Officer, Doug Chaplin, can approve a small number of grants of up to £750 for a particular piece of work which falls within the main areas of work overseen by the Commission for Social Responsibility.