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  • ​Archdeacons & Office
    • 21 February 2017

    Pray for the Archdeacon of Worcester, Robert Jones and the Archdeacon of Dudley, Nikki Groarke along with their secretary Kathy Jones. Give thanks for all that they do and give in the life of our ...

  • ​Armed forces
    • 20 February 2017

    Pray for all of those who serve our country in the armed forces. Keep them safe from harm and give them courage to face all perils.  Diocese of Maiduguri (Nigeria): Bishop Emmanuel Mani Diocese of Makurdi ...

  • ​New Stewardship Officer
    • 19 February 2017

    The Revd Alison Maddocks has just started as the new Stewardship Officer for the Diocese. Alison will work with parishes to help them think about their financial giving as part of their Christian discipleship.  Alison ...

  • ​Those facing persecution
    • 18 February 2017

    Pray for all those who are facing persecution in their own counties. Remembering particularly those in Syria and Iraq. Diocese of Madi & West Nile (Uganda): Bishop Joel Obetia

  • Pray One for Me in Pershore last year
    Collecting prayers on Ash Wednesday

    Members of churches in Halesowen, Kidderminster, Evesham, Upton, Pershore and Malvern will be hitting the streets on Ash Wednesday, 1 March and offering to say a prayer for the people they meet.The Bishop of Worcester, ...

  • ​Diocesan Education Team
    • 17 February 2017

    Pray for all those who work in the diocesan education team. For Director of Education, Margaret James, Gilly Maxim, her PA and Administrators Toni Enfer and Gilly Vose. For Karen Surrall, Interim CEO of the ...

  • ​Retired Clergy in Martley & Worcester West
    • 16 February 2017

    We pray for all retired clergy who support the ministry of this deanery, as we also pray for those who have been widowed and seek new ways of belonging on their own. Diocese of Madhya Kerala ...

  • ​Evangelische Kirche in Mitteldeutschland
    • 15 February 2017

    We ask God’s blessings on all our chaplains and volunteers who offer counselling in crises and emergencies. May the Lord strengthen them and help them find the right ways to support and comfort those who ...

  • ​Valentines
    • 14 February 2017

    We pray for all those celebrating St Valentine’s Day today and for all those who find the day particularly difficult. Diocese of Lweru (Tanzania): Bishop Jackton Lugumira

  • ​Hallow, Grimley & Holt
    • 13 February 2017

    We give thanks for the Lord’s blessings as we continue in hope. We ask for guidance as we explore new ideas particularly Café Church. For Hallow CE Primary School, Head: Simon Stubbs & Grimley & ...

  • ​Home for Good in Worcester
    • 12 February 2017

    From Joy Pollock, a member of All Saints in Worcester: “As a foster parent, there are two questions I get asked regularly. The first: ‘What made you foster?’ For me the seed was planted hearing someone ...

  • ​St John in Bedwardine, Worcester
    • 11 February 2017

    Give thanks for renewed growth, and our outreach to unchurched families. Pray for our Group Youth and Families Worker, Heidi, for our developing “Kingdom People” vision for the parish and for our ALMs Philip, Graham, ...

  • ​St Michael, Dines Green
    • 10 February 2017

    Pray for the work of the Green Centre and its links with the church, for the staff and pupils of Dines Green Primary School and the Open the Book team. For our ALMs: Mike, Philip, ...

  • ​St Clement w St David, Worcester
    • 9 February 2017

    At St Clement’s, pray for our new Family Church, reaching out to unchurched families, and for plans to reorder the church. At St David’s, for ongoing outreach to the local community and University students. Pray ...

  • ​Diocese of Morogoro
    • 8 February 2017

    Morogoro Theological College is currently waiting for a new principal. Pray for all those who teach and learn there, that it may resource a lively and wise ministry across the Diocese, and encourage growth in ...

  • ​Safer Internet Day
    • 7 February 2017

    Pray for the safety and protection of young people and vulnerable adults who access the internet. We pray that parents and carers will feel confident and equipped to help others use the internet wisely, be ...

  • ​Christ Church, Lower Broadheath
    • 6 February 2017

    Pray for our ALM’s Joyce Wilson and Allyson Craigan, and Ian Craigan, Churchwarden Mike Beard; the Staff and pupils of Broadheath CE Primary School, Head: Andrew Hackley. Clergy: Chris Stuart; Reader: Barbara Beard Diocese of London: ...

  • Bishop John leads visit to Peru
    • 5 February 2017

    This month, Bishop John will be leading a small diocesan party to visit friends in our link diocese of Peru. Bishop John last visited Peru in early 2012, and there have been major changes since then ...

  • ​West Worcestershire Rural Team
    • 4 February 2017

    Pray for the Germinate Learning Community creating a vision for resource sharing & effective communications to ensure the sustainability of our rural churches. Members: Philip Brown, Marianne Cole, Philip Hillman, Anne Lewis, Sally Porter, Anne ...

  • ​West Worcestershire Rural Team
    • 3 February 2017

    Pray for Clifton-on-Teme, Lower Sapey & the Shelsleys in this time of transition following the departure of John and Alice Sumner. For the nurturing of ecumenical links across the team. Clergy: David Sherwin, Anne Potter, ...