Section E. Support for PCCs and churchwardens

E1. Parish Share

1. Each year the diocesan budget pays for the shared costs of mission and ministry across all the parishes of the diocese, and puts the diocesan Kingdom People vision into practice for the fruitful service of church, community and world. We do this through a common fund; each parish pays a share into that common fund, which we call parish share.

2. In November 2014, the Diocesan Synod (made up of representatives from each deanery) voted by a large majority to implement a new approach to allocating parish share across the diocese, believing it to be a fairer system. This approach is based on a confidential (and anonymised) income survey of active church members, which seeks to understand and recognise the potential for giving in each parish. The survey will be carried out for the first time in 2015, and then in 2016 the parish share of our common fund for mission and ministry will be allocated on the basis of the potential to give revealed by the survey.

3. The following video and documents are provided (with a brief description of each) to enable churchwardens, treasurers or other appointed volunteers to administer the income survey that will prepare the way for Parish Share 2016 to be allocated on this new basis.

4. This video offers an introduction to the income survey, talking people through the process, and offering observations from some of those who have already trialled the system within their own deanery.

5. There are some notes for churchwardens, treasurers and others to help implement the approach.

6. There is a printed leaflet (distributed through the deaneries, with additional copies available from the diocesan office) of Frequently Asked Questions, which is included with the churchwarden’s letter (see paragraph 7 below). An  electronic version of this leaflet is available here for online viewing.

7. There is documentation for churchwardens to send out to active church members. This is provided in Word’s .doc format so that churchwardens can customise them with the name of the parish, and their own names. Versions are also provided as PDF files as a guide to the layout of the text. These are: 
— The letter for churchwardens to send to active members (  WordPDF
— The survey form – the word file has two to a sheet for ease of printing. (  WordPDF
— The confidential income declaration form (  WordPDF )

8. There is a summary Churchwardens' and Treasurer's assessment form to be completed by those administering the process locally in the parishes and in the deanery. (  WordPDF  )